conaito VoIP SDK ActiveX 3.0

The most important new feature is the ability for the admin to record conversations to files. The admin can now also stream .wav files to clients. Volume levels can now be controlled by AGC (automatic gain control) so all users have the same audio level.

* Switched to Unicode clients
* Improved AGC (auto gain controller) to ensure all users have the same volume level
* Record VoIP conferences to WAV and MP3
* Admin can store all conversations to disk (wav or mp3)
* Play (Stream) WAV to conferences (for IVR solutions)
* Added ability to do stereo playback
* Ignore audio, private text messages and channel text messages
* Fully updated examples with source code
* Phased out the OCX (but still available as v2.2)

Here is a list of the main features of the conaito VoIP SDK - Enterprise/ Secure Edition:

* VoIP conferencing with crystal clear sound even for both low and high-bandwidth users (Speex Codec)
* Full Duplex - VoIP conferencing solution (multi-user conferences)
* Comes with Windows as well Linux server (running as service).
* Work with DirectSound as well with Windows Audio.
* Remote console server administration (e.g. use telnet to control the server)
* Administrator Server API (VoIP Admin COM control) - 2 SDK versions (VoIP Client SDK and VoIP Admin SDK) are available.
* Record conferences to WAV and MP3 - Voice conferencing recording (*.wav and *.mp3 format)
* Cryptography (SSL for TCP data transmission and BLOW FISH for UDP data transmission) is used for Encryption/Decryption (only by Secure Edition).
* Arrange users in rooms/channels with topics and passwords.
* Full rooms/channels control including protection.
* User status control (participant available, away) including status messages.
* Get user talking function - Check whether a user is talking.
* Private and public instant text messaging.
* Broadcast server messages - sending text messages from server to all connected users.
* Channel Messages as well Message of the Day support.
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