Advanced Encryption Package Professional 6.06

Advaned Encryption Package uses 20 encryption algorithms (including AES 256-bit) to protect your documents from prying eyes.

It can create self-decrypting versions of your encrypted files - the recipient of this file will not need to have AEP 2015 to decrypt document.

It also supports any kind of USB Flash Drive to store your decryption keys. The whole USB drive can be protected by single master password on your usb flash drive.

Additionally, AEP 2017 is integrated with Windows Clipboard and can encrypt/decrypt text messages in it (you can copy/paste scrambled text messages to email message or instant messaging program).

Moreover, this encryption software has special 'password quality' indicator to help you choose non-weak passwords.
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SystemSystem: Win7 x32,Win7 x64,Windows 10,Windows 8
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benoetigtBenötigt: 10 mb of free hdd space
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