Free Kings James Bible 1.0

The Free King James Bible is feature rich tool that contains the English version of the Holy Book. It is absolutely free of cost and can be downloaded by anyone with basic computer knowledge. A simple design and straight forward interface make it one of the most popular choices of people from across the globe. It can be installed onto any desktop or laptop that runs on Windows OS. It is a clean app without any malware or adware. Therefore, the process takes just a few minutes. The file size is also very small and does not eat up the disk space. There is no need for any additional specifications as it is a standalone app. Both the Old and New Testaments are available in order to meet the requirements of a large number of people. The first thing that they will come across in the Free King James Bible is the table of content. All the topics are displayed in a clear manner. Users can go to a specific page or portion of the Book by using the search option. Adding bookmarks and notes is also enabled in this comprehensive tool. The same can be shared with family and friends effortlessly. They can even open different portions of the Book in different tabs so as to do a comparative study. All this can be done with just a few clicks. The font size of the Verses and the colour can be customised according to the requirement of the users. The Free King James Bible even has a dictionary for their benefit. Should users need to know the meaning of a word, they can just highlight it and the meaning is displayed as a popup. It has a great response time and is an ideal choice for everyone.
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